Nursing Educator Voice Lecturer Entry Level (Remote- Work from home)

The Great Nurse

Work from home
Posted 1 year ago

Building Competent and Confident Nurses

The Great Nurse is looking for new nurses who are interested in building their portfolios and gaining experience as remote educators.

  • This is a temporary position
  • This is a contracted position
  • This is a remote position ( work from home)
  • Applicants will pick one course from below to lecture FROM HOME
  • This internship opportunities will be available every 2 years to keep the information up to date
  • Recommendation letters will be available after completion of the assignment for your records and to be able to update your resume and build your experience

Ideal candidates should be:

  • A recent nursing graduate or nurse who wants to build their resume with emphasis on education
  • Able to respond to emails or text messages within 48 hours
  • Have a nice, clear speaking voice
  • Has the capacity to voice record and edit content on their laptops or device in high quality

We need reviewers for the following:

  • Psychology
  • OB
  • Client Assessment
  • Research
  • Community nursing
  • LPN course review
  • Fundamentals of Nursing

The position entails

  • Taking content that is taught in nursing school and condensing it into several 1-5 minutes quick, straight to the point, audio review material
  • You will pick a course that you wish to teach
  • We will send you emails  of short content to read and review
  • You must condense this content into information that is only necessary to know
  • You will then record an audio review of the content
  • Audio reviews will be between 1-5 minutes long
  • You will send the recordings in an mp3 format
  • You will be compensated $15.00 per 1-5 minute audio recording
  • Your recording will be sent to production and displayed on our site for 2-3 years

Application Instructions 

  1. Visit and review the videos on the site to understand what we are looking for. (we provide the animation, you provide the voice lecture)
  2. Read The Practice Excerpt for your recording (Password:1234) revise and condense it into something students NEED to know
  3. Record your revised lecture
  4. You should have a nice clear speaking voice
  5. Audio recordings must be between 1-5 minutes long
  6. No background noise or track skipping
  7. Acronyms, mnemonics and fun tips and tricks are welcomed
  8. Fill out the application form and upload your resume and mp3 recording of the lectured practice excerpt (You are not to upload prerecorded material that is NOT based on the practice excerpt)
  9. We will review your recording and if you are an ideal candidate we will contact you via email to schedule a short phone conversation
  10. You will receive the contract via email Compensation $15.00 PER 1-5 minute recording
  11. START!
  12. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a letter of recommendation from the CEO for your future employment, a 1099 form must be submitted and you will be compensated PER video completed.

Read The Practice Excerpt to practice your recording (Password:1234)

Then Fill out the application below

Application for Employment - Educator/Voice Lecturer

  • Please pick from the following Fundamentals of Nursing/ Obstetrics/ Client Assessment/ Nursing Research/ Community/ LPN Coursework/



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