Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to get My resume and cover letter?
  • It will ship in 7-10 business days
  • You will receive a corrected copy via email and a hard copy with your portfolio
Why is my portfolio checklist different from others?
  • Portfolio checklists are based on location and where you went to school
  • Requirements for sitting for boards are different in each state, so the content of your portfolio will be different
How does the portfolio work?
  • You will receive your portfolio with everything you need for employment and in order to stay up to date on documents needed throughout your career
  • In the portfolio, we direct you to update the contents you need to include on each page
  • You have to gather the documents and place them in the portfolio
  • Take your portfolio with you to sign up for your the NCLEX, obtain your license and to interview for your new job
  • Everything you need is already there for you
  • Makes the hiring process quick
  • Great for brand new grads
I am a Nurse Practitioner what will be included in my portfolio?
  • Documents needed for credentialing
  • Everything you need to make the process quick
  • It can take many months to be credentialed and start working at a new facility. With this portfolio, you will have all of the necessary documents ready to go
  • Makes your process from graduating, to board exam, to licensure to credentialing very simple!
What is the money back guarantee?
  • We will offer a full refund within 14 days of receipt if you do not love your portfolio
Where can I find the Portfolio?
  • You can find your portfolio in the shop. Choose from your specialty including CNA, LPN, RN, and ARNP
How do I know which topic will be next to review?
  • We have completed the review for medication calculation
  • We are working on fundamentals of nursing now
  • If there is a pressing topic you just don’t understand, please use the Contact Us Page in order to request topics for us to review!
Do I need to pay to use the chatroom and make a profile to connect with friends?
  • NO! this is a free service. We want you to connect with other nurses and get through nursing school the first time around.
Is there a guarantee that I will ace my exam
  • The Great Nurse makes no guarantee that you will ace your exam. However, practice quizzes, review material, and networking have been shown to be beneficial in improving student grades